February 27, 2021
5 people worth following today

Not that you need another person to follow on your ‘gram’ but if you’re looking to thicken out you feed with some fitness profiles who are more than just thirst traps, then we’d fully suggest taking a look at the below. Someone who’s not in here because they got their very own shiny interview is Second Wind Ultra - but obviously go follow him and his inspiring journey if you aren’t already on the case.

Max Wilcocks

Film-maker and all round fitness machine, Max Wilcox serves up a combination of truly polished editorial content with his professional brand work.


Max’s running photos are the one’s you’d imagine in a meme of ‘What I look like running vs. other people look like running’ - he’s that ‘other people’ in the meme that look super great and stylish…. (bastard). That said, we won’t hold it against him because his feed gives us inspo to hit the pavement and level up that 5K time.

Emmanuel Ovola

Emmanuel, or Manni as he goes by on the socials, is a defacto steeze-monger of the UK running scene. Always looking as stylish as they come he’s a great person to follow to get inspired about what your next purchase is going to be.


That said, he’s not just fun to look at - Manni is a professional physiotherapist so you’re getting some great advice and insights along the way.

Jack Atkinson

Jack’s a photographer - and it shows. His feed is full of not only him look tonk, but also a variety of fitness shoots he’s been at the helm for. Jack’s content manages to walk a fine line between being aspirational but not flexy.


He’s a fun guy to follow and alongside his fitness orientated posts, you’ll get a healthy dose of him living his best life out the back of a VW camper van, making coffee by the beach and hitting from fresh surf…. He’s very much #EscapeTheCity incarnate...

Charlie (The Runner Beans)

We love Charlie - her content  is always on point, honest, informative and comes from a positive place. 9 marathons deep, she knows a thing or two about running, and she’s happy to share - warts and all! It’s inspirational to see someone offer up the full picture of what it takes to achieve your goals.


More recently she’s been posting about her journey with IVF, which again, we love to see. Definitely check out Charlie’s feed for someone you’ll enjoy seeing live their life, and learn from them along the way.

Average Ultra

Can you run 100KM? Neither can this guy…. And that’s the point. Joseph of Average Ultra is on a mission to reach his goal of running an ultra marathon later this year. He’s not a pro runner, he’s not even an amateur runner. He’s starting from scratch and sharing his journey with the world.


We love to see his evolution as he clocks up the miles and it doesn’t hurt that every one of his posts look like they’ve been produced by an Art Director from Wallpaper magazine. His ish is curated af and we’re here for it.



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